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November 22 2019

Example code: github.com/kallaballa/MidiPatch/blob/master/examples/tutorial/3_OscAdder/4_OscAdderPitchFuzzFilterCompressor.lua

This example adds a number of oscillators and filters with each oscillator having a slightly different pitch that is slightly randomized. Addionally it adds a compressor to dampen the effects of resonance. It demonstrate a synthesizer that would be hard to create with traditional paradigms.

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November 16 2019

MidiPatch is a polyphone and programmable real-time MIDI synthesizer. The rack you see in the video is generated automatically from the code and all the values can be changed live. Also the layout isn't static and can be changed with drag 'n' drop. It also features a library that let's you save your code, parameters and layouts. It currently runs on Linux and Mac OS X.

Check it out: github.com/kallaballa/MidiPatch/

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August 16 2018

Eye popping effect generate with pixelshift https://github.com/kallaballa/PixelShift @metalab
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Eye popping effect generated with pixelshift

July 25 2018

Another video rendered with pixelshift but this time with more extreme settings
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July 23 2018

I programmed an audio-visual effect @stadtflucht That is one of the resulting videos :)
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I programmed an audio-visual effect @stadtflucht That's one of the resulting videos

June 05 2018

May 23 2018

Currently I'm working on building a telecaster e-guitar in PacMan style at @metalab . Stay tuned for updates
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April 03 2018

March 24 2018

4830 9c47
Credits from the game "Battle for Wesnoth". I contributed the novel "Surrender" feature.
Coded @metalab
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March 21 2018

Demonstration of the mighty BAM (my DIY modeling guitar amp). Made @metalab
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February 12 2018

Implementation of a robust no-fit polygon generation in a C++ library

The no-fit polygon optimization makes it possible to check for overlap (or non-overlapping touch) of two polygons with only 1 point in polygon check (by providing the set of non-overlapping placements). This library implements the orbiting approach to generate the no-fit polygon: Given two polygons A and B, A is the stationary one and B the orbiting one, B is slid as tightly as possibly around the edges of polygon A. During the orbiting a chosen reference point is tracked. By tracking the movement of the reference point a third polygon can be generated: the no-fit polygon.

Once the no-fit polygon has been generated it can be used to test for overlap by only checking if the reference point is inside the NFP (overlap) outside the NFP (no overlap) or exactly on the edge of the NFP (touch).

December 27 2017

I was bored at the lab since everyone is at the 34C2. So i experimented with polyphone tune generation.
mario forever :) @metalab
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December 23 2017

Jason at the MetaStage @metalab
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Sonsti at the MetaStage @metalab
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Andy & Bernhard at the MetaStage @metalab
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December 22 2017

David at the MetaStage @metalab
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Dara Lucie at the MetaStage @metalab
Stymir at the MetaStage @metalab
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